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What can I simplify?

bravo doesn't have to be difficult loweryourstress simplify Feb 21, 2022

Take the easy route. Why not?    

Sometimes life doesn’t have to be so hard. Are you like me? I don’t do anything easy.

If I clean the house, I’m deep cleaning. The equivalent of spring cleaning.

If I’m getting a massage, it has to be deep tissue.

If I’m writing a blog, I’ll rewrite it until I changed the entire thing.

If I’m exercising, I need to work out for 60+ minutes so it can count as a workout.

And it goes on and on.

Recently, I pulled this card that said, Where can I simplify?

Ha! What?!? Everything! Oh, wait. That’s going to be hard to do EVERYTHING. Of course, I want to do that.

I always pick the hard things and guess what? They are hard! I don’t see any forward progress because everything takes so much effort and time. Sounds familiar?

So let me rewrite the above “if I” statement to make them easy to do.  

Where can I simplify?

When I clean, I will take 15-minute to make the place look good and only clean surfaces.  

When I get a massage, the next one will be a nice Swedish massage. Relaxing!

When I write a blog, it may not be pretty. Please forgive me.

When I exercise, I will do 20 to 30 minutes of anything that moves the body. Also, add some stretching. I feel better already.

And that is it!!!!!

What can you simplify?  

Evelyn is the founder of BLI or Bravo Leadership Int'l. We grow leaders we wish we had.

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