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bravo caring for others intentional Nov 06, 2019

Years ago, I made a commitment to visit my parents monthly. This decision wasn’t easy since I live in Los Angeles and they live in Chicago. But easy wasn’t what I was looking for. You see, my parents are in their 90s and they need more care. Visiting and being present is the least I can do to help them. 


Sounds Complicated

My parents live separately. However, they both have an apartment at the same senior’s facility; Mom on the 3rd floor and Dad on the 6th. This arrangement may be strange to some, but not to me. You see my parents have been separated since I was a child. I’m just happy and grateful that they live under one roof. Well, sort of... It’s a gigantic roof.  


In the beginning, these visits were very quick. I had a corporate job and love my vacation time so finding harmony was essential. I would go to Chicago on the weekends or sometime spend a three-day weekend there. I would fly in, rent a car or Uber and get right to work. What did they need this month? It was mostly running errands, grocery shopping, cleaning, and companionship.  When I returned to LA, it was back to work with a demanding boss and oh yeah, long hours each day. Honestly, I was exhausted, but it was always a good feeling remembering the weekend. It was satisfying, like being tired after a long run.   


In 2017, these visits became longer.  I was laid off from my corporate job, so I decided to take a year off and focus on starting my own business. I also decided to start spending a week out of the month in Chicago. This was the same year my mother was diagnosed with Dementia and started forgetting to pay her bills.  I took over her finances and made sure she was getting the help she needed when I wasn’t there.  In retrospect, I was grateful for being laid off. 


In 2018, I found employment with a company that had me working in Chicago quarterly.  They had a big account and I could train the employees at their many different locations around Illinois. This was great! I got to work in Chicago and stay with my parents for a week’s time. The time spent this year was precious! It truly gave me the opportunity to get to know my parents at a deeper level, especially my Dad. He is sharp as a tack and this was the year, he allowed me to help him. This was a miracle! He is very proud man and needs NO HELP. I set up all his bills on auto pay and he was so grateful. Gotta love automatic bill pay! Funny how this simple gesture made him feel secure and loved. Trust between him and I formed on a different level. 


Laid off #2  Yes, it happened AGAIN. Sorry this company lost a big account, but it was time. It was meant to be. You see, I needed to get my company, Bravo Leadership Int’l, launched. I’ve been dabbling and learning since 2016 and it was time to tell the world “I’m in business”. Yet, I still have this big concern - my parents. How do I manage all of this? I rewrote my Purpose Statement which helps me in my decision making. I know that my “Love Relationships” are a huge priority for me. I will do my best each day and live into my purpose and that is what I’m currently doing. 


Purpose statement

This year, I wrote out a Purpose statement.  My oh my, how I have grown.  In the past, I couldn’t articulate my purpose let alone write a statement about it.  As my mentor, Paul Martinelli told me, my Purpose statement is still in process.  I’ll take that as a compliment. I know it needs more depth and I also know, that will come.  I’ll get there. 

My purpose statement has 5 parts:

1. Spiritual Purpose

2. Love Relationships 

3. Personal Growth and Development 

4. Healthy Body Temple 

5. Freedom of Time and Money 

Here’s a quick excerpt from the love relationship statement:

“I will spend quality time with my love ones and come from love. I prioritize my monthly and yearly agenda so I’m intentional and congruent with this value.” 

Writing my purpose statement has been so rewarding that I’ve written a lesson on it and will teach it via a webinar series soon. 


So why am I telling you this? Because recently, I was recognized for living with intention, determination, consistency, and ON PURPOSE. Last month, during one of my visits to see my parents, the manager of the senior’s building, Deidre, gave me a Recognition Certificate for being “Best Family Support”.  What an honor!  Because I was intentional and said, “My parents need more care and I must lean in and help”, someone saw my efforts and acknowledged it.  This is the BEST recognition EVER!  The gesture truly warmed my heart.

Evelyn Eccard is the Founder of Bravo Leadership

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