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becourageous getstarted Sep 23, 2020
personal development, leadership

I started UGLY!


Yep, that is how I'm getting started with my marketing...U-G-L-Y. This is what  Mike Kim, an amazing copywriter recommended.

I just completed my second Facebook Live and it's terrible (don't look). The video quality is not good. I need botox, and what the heck was I wearing anyway??? I had no idea how to adjust the phone once I hit the LIVE button and so on and so on. This is what happens. I have high expectations and don't like what I produce so I hit the delete button constantly. That's why I just started. As I see it, I now know what I need to work on.

Dr. Paul Scheele said, "Self-compassion is courageous". This is an important message especially when you're starting something new.

It's easy to beat myself up. It's harder to have self-compassion. If self-compassion is courageous, then I will be courageous.

So I started ugly and doing it afraid. Wish me luck.


Evelyn Eccard is a coach, trainer, and founder of Bravo Leadership International. She helps individuals and teams better communicate.

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